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An Irish bishop has proposed a new approach to tackling the foot and mouth disease crisis sweeping through the nation's livestock: holy water. By sprinkling cattle with the substance, faithful farmers may escape the ravage of the epidemic through the providence of the Holy Spirit and the power of faith. Perhaps George W. Bush should keep this in mind next time the U.S. faces a similar crisis? (via Unknown News)


Aging tennis star Bjorn Borg urges Europeans to have more sex. All fine and dandy, you say; only problem is, he urges them to do so to produce more children, to keep geezers like him in comfortable retirement with their taxes. Um, wouldn't it be a lot more responsible to start saving for your own retirement (as happens in Australia) rather than calling for a populatory pyramid scheme to support each increasing generation? Especially in overpopulated Europe.


All Your Brand Are Belong To Us. Some adbusting culture jammers preemptively hijack the All Your Base meme into corporate advertising to preempt the ad agencies doing same. Or so they say anyway.


NUDITY == SEX: Scotland Yard's obscene publications unit has raided the Saatchi Gallery in London, known for its exhibits by controversial avant-garde London artists, and ordered the gallery to remove two photographs from its I Am A Camera exhibit, which depict children at play, sans clothes. The gallery's curator insists that the photographs, illegal under anti-child pornography laws, are "not depraved in any way". A likely story. And if you have one of the rare uncensored copies, you are advised to destroy it, lest it land you on the sex-offenders' register alongside Gary Glitter and such. Guess that's what you get for living in a society which associates nudity inextricably with sex.

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