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A Scottish entrepreneur is attempting to combine yoof fashion with national pride, and promoting the kilt as 21st century clubwear. His products include kilts with pockets for mobile phones and water bottles.

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The dotcom revolution claims a casualty, as Upside entrepreneur Aaron Bunnell, 26, is found dead in his hotel room, apparently a casualty of the non-stop workaholic lifestyle that has evolved around the Dotcom Economy.

The Internet has also spawned a whole subculture - an all-consuming world in which everything revolves around work, the workplace and the virtual possibilities opened up by the worldwide web.
"Silicon Valley today: Get lean, get stripped down, live on nothing. Bare bones. Focus. Be a fighter," is how the author Po Bronson characterised the thinking in his recent portrait of Silicon Valley life, The Nudist on the Late Shift. "Forget about love that nourishes. Forget about food that satiates. Forget about long conversations that get good only late in the middle of the night, when the third bottle of wine is uncorked. Forget about poetry ... Get ready for ultracapitalism."

Hopefully, after this and the dot-com share apocalypse, the pendulum will swing back and people will start to realise that work is not life, and arrest the growing erosion of free time before we turn into a society of worker-drones, raised in child-care centres, trained in vocational skills and working through our entire waking hours for consumer goods and status to fill the gaping void in our lives. (via Leviathan)


Drugmusic update: Skinny Boy Tubby, that James Brown of the chemical generation, copped some flack over his upcoming album from the mother of Tragic Ecstasy Victim Leah Betts, 15YO and permanently 'sorted'. Janet Betts, now an anti-drug warrior to rival Bill Bennett, who called for laws banning such music. Never mind that she hasn't heard it, or for that matter that the canonical Big Beat drug is alcohol.

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This week's inexplicable object is a bulldadaistic treat; a panel-by-panel commentary on a laughably bozotic 1960s comic book, Super Green Beret. (via Found)