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The Guardian on the real issues behind the DeCSS lawsuit. Not surprisingly, it's not so much about preventing piracy as it is about the DVD consortium protecting its monopoly on the encoding of DVD movies and locking independent producers out.

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Is Edward de Bono a crackpot, or the greatest genius since De Selby?

The de Bono Code Book, as it will be called, posits the idea that communication would be better served if we all spoke in numerical code. For example, instead of saying: ``Mum, help me out, but don't lecture me,'' we might say: ``Code six.''


The Age has a piece on Sofia Coppola, director of The Virgin Suicides.


Another piece on apparently dead-on indie film I Want To Blow Up Silicon Valley, this time in WIRED News. I hope this film makes it out to Australia at some stage...


Shutterbug Follies, a pretty nice web comic about a girl who works in a photo developing shop, and some of the things she sees. (via bOING bOING) (I once met someone who worked in such a shop; she saw a lot of amateur pornography, of varying degrees of twistedness, from customers who mostly believed that no-one looks at the photos. Then again, she worked in Prahran.)

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Pranks: An amusing prank involving airport PA systems and double-entendre "foreign names". (via bOING bOING)

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Stop sleeping with your cousin: For web design inspirations that don't look like every other corporate site out there, you have to look to different sources of inspiration. (Ta, Graham!)


Heh; Future Music #96's "gossip" column contains a photo of the "mysterious" SAGE synth sent in by a reader. That's right, the fake one concocted by the Swedish pranksters.