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First it turns out that a disproportionate number of serial killers and their ilk have the middle name Wayne, and now, according to a study in the UK, you're more likely to be diagnosed with a personality disorder if your name is Wayne than if it is Matthew. (BBC News)


Australians are now taking over the UK:

Today, Australians are playing a part in reshaping the culture of the former ruling power - Britons use words picked up from Australian films and TV programmes, drink wine from sunny Antipodean vineyards, and even embrace Rolf Harris as the nation's favourite artist.

(Ah yes -- the Poms love our crap TV soaps; even the ones that sink without a trace back home get exported to the UK and top the ratings.)

Young Britons regard Australia in the same light as their parents once viewed the United States, she says. "Amongst young people, it's considered cool to be Australian. The lifestyle is seen as appealing - there's the glamour of the surfing culture, the perception that the sun always shines over there."

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