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Could lowercase sound be the new quiet-is-the-new-loud?

Recent compositions include a bubbling symphony of boiling tea kettles, the gentle hiss of blank tapes being played through a stereo and the soft bumps of helium balloons hitting the ceiling. One recent album was so quiet, listeners wondered whether it actually contained any sound at all.



Religious merger creates 900 million Hinjews. However, not all has gone to plan; instead of forming a super-religion to fight off the common Islamic enemy, they have instead created a race of 900 million people who, no matter how many times they are reincarnated, can never please their mothers. (via Reenhead)


The Tinseltown Club, a pretty cute Flash animation from the EFF taking the Mickey out of Disney and Hollywood's recent push to take away our digital rights. (via bOING bOING)


Dance music culture is a funny thing. In most places "garage" music is just another originally gay dance/club music genre, and is harmless in a fluffy, camp, pill-popping sort of way; in Britain, however, it's the home-grown equivalent of gangsta rap, with guns, bling-bling and hardcore attitude. British garageheads, it seems, are more likely to pop caps than Es, or so the press suggests.

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Did the FBI deliberately suppress information that could have disrupted the 9/11 terrorist attacks? A new memo suggests that this was the case. This is starting to look more and more like Bush's Reichstag.