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Well, it's been another May 1; the Marching Marxists Against Everything got together and shouted slogans, reminding the general public why they'd rather be happily sold-out Herald-Sun reading, Big Brother watching citizens of McWorld. I bet the Democratic Socialist Party's Che merchandise stall did a roaring trade.

Some tolchocking ensued in Sydney; whereas, here in Melbourne, most of the marchers were unionists. (Hmm.. a 30-hour work week; I'd like to see that...)

Oh yes, the banner... actually, I wasn't planning on running it this year, but that's what happens when you don't comment out last year's blog code.


Happy May Day: In a heartwarming example of notional-socialist solidarity, the Australian Labor Party seeks to establish formal ties with the Chinese Communist Party; a move which may alarm some ALP members concerned with China's human rights record.

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