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little geometric boy and girl holding credit cards My poor long-suffering credit card: It seems that the Northern Picture Library stuff is still in print; as such, I've just ordered their two CDs from a US outfit named Twee Kitten (mostly because it's cheaper than buying from the UK), along with an album by an act named Fosca, whom I've heard interesting things about.

(The graphic is from the Twee Kitten ordering page. What is it about indie types and naïve drawings of children?)

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The laughing stock of the cultural world: After Howard's morality police banned Baise-Moi, various agencies, from Melbourne's Lumiere cinema and the film's distributor to the premier of New South Wales, have announced their intention to challenge the ban. However, as the ban was the result of a final appeal, there is believed to be no legal means for overturning it, unless they decide to take it to the High Court or something like that, so it's exceedingly unlikely that the film will be legally seen in Australia for the next few decades; or until its anachronisms and quaintly two-dimensional format makes it a harmless curiosity piece.

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Amusing site of the day: We Made Out in a Tree and This Old Guy Sat and Watched Us, a compedium of odd found words from many places. (via Charlie's Diary)

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