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An article on why mandatory digital restrictions management would be a very bad thing. To wit: (a) to be effective, DRM systems would have to be pervasive, controlling all devices that are connected, and (b) making licensing enforcement a priority is incompatible with making systems mission-critical or fault-tolerant. As you can imagine, all sorts of havoc would ensue if Hollywood and the RIAA succeeded in making DRM a legally-mandated requirement:

The DRMP system is based on the premise that unlicensed use of software or data should make computers stop working. You could also argue that bridges should be designed to fall down if someone is detected crossing without paying the toll.

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Vile Chomsky-like pro-Saddam hot-tubber Robert Fisk on all the things we must forget before we invade liberate Iraq. (via a lot of places) And here's Abraham Lincoln thoroughly discredited, all through the wonder of pure logic, rigorous fact-checking and the power of the moral high ground. (via Graham)