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The president of Britain's National Farmers Union, speaking in Australia, has claimed that the foot and mouth epidemic was the work of eco-terrorists. The authorities, however, have made no such claims, and green groups were quick to condemn the comments as "mad hatter" views. If you know anything about a group calling themselves the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, the police may want to have a word with you.


Taking dressing to success to new extremes: in the US, executives and salesmen are having chin implants. The implants give a stronger, more confident-looking chin, and are very much in demand, partly because, in this age of lay-offs and labor-market flexibility, anything that gives you an advantage over the next guy could make the crucial difference.

"People with weak chins in the media are portrayed as embezzlers or as having weak characters," he said. "So a strong chin is very important. This has spilled over from film to industry with executives and even now salesmen who feel a strong chin would enhance their credibility."

Surely executive codpieces can't be that far off...

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