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This is pretty cool; the London Bloggers Tube Map, mapping bloggers in London to their nearest Tube stops. (Oddly enough, it looks more complex than the Tube maps I've seen. Either they've carried out a massive Underground expansion programme since the London Underground mousepad I have was printed, or those white lines are some other (non-underground) railway system.)

Anyway, someone should do a Melbourne blogger tram map. Here's a start:

via Hume Hwy
  :          |(B)|             Legend:
  |  |       |   |             A = The Null Device
  |  |   112 +   |             B = Leviathan (on hiatus)
19| 1|     /(A)  |             C = The Monkey Puzzle
  |  |   /       |86
  |  |  |  +-----+
  : ++  :  |
======== YARRA RIVER ======
 |  |

Ph3ar my l33t ASCII-art kung fu!

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The bizarre world of ZX Spectrum clones, from Russia, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. Apparently there were dozens of the beasties, some straightforward knockoffs and some (particularly in the USSR) with bizarrely improvised keyboards and some specced up to run MS-DOS and such. (via the Horn)

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Yoz Grahame reckons that Perl is the Yiddish of computer languages. Hmmm... (via bOING bOING)

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The latest new arrival to This Blogging Lark is mag/tif, the inimitably spunky West Coast zinester, indiegrrl and cultural identity. Welcome aboard, tif.

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