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Buffy Stott-Despoja, the Democrats' brash, trendy leader, has resigned from the leadership, citing a loss of support from her party.

Former Democrats leader John Coulter has said that this could be the end of the Democrats, as the party are now "a rabble". Though the Democrats always seemed a bit that way, like a motley collection of mugwump centrists and student-politician types (i.e., Buffy) obsessed with isms and buzzwords, and various others ranging from lapsed Tories (i.e., Don Chipp) to Scandinavian-style socialists. The Greens, in my opinion, are a more solid and trustworthy choice for a third party.

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Yes! Mogwai are playing in Melbourne on the 17th of October. It's at the Prince of Wales, though; I just hope that the PA there isn't as abysmal as it was when FourPlay last played (I was right in front of the stage and the chatter of the people in the room drowned out the band).

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An article about Turkmenistan's President Niyazov, arguably one of the loopiest world leaders in recent times. (The only other contender I can think of, the former Latin American president who sang as "the madman who loves", pales into insignificance next to Niyazov's decidedly quirky and somewhat Jarryesque take on the traditional neo-Stalinist cult of personality.

He began by renaming the months of the year after himself, his mother, who died in an earthquake when Niyazov was eight, and a few of his favourite words (Flag Month, for example); and followed it up by decreeing that old age officially doesnt begin until 85. This was possibly in relation to both his 62nd birthday which he celebrated by dying his hair jet-black and his rampant hypochondria. On Turkmenistans website, there is more about Niyazovs recent doctors appointment than on melons and sulphur combined.

Mind you, by this account, Turkmenistan sounds like it was a rather odd sort of place even before Niyazov. (via New World Disorder)

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Get your Microsoft Core Fonts here. (ta, Richard)

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