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According to the press, Rock'n'Roll sprang fully formed from the loins of Elvis Presley exactly 50 years ago.

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The fight against the US-Australian Free Trade Agreement, and the numerous threats it poses to Australia (from extended and expanded copyright laws (without the balancing effect of US-style fair-use guarantees) to more expensive medicine to rolling back Australia's stringent quarantine laws) is not lost yet. The ALP still haven't decided on whether to support it in the Senate, though the pressure on them to do so (as not to be tarred with the "anti-American" brush before the election) is huge. If you don't want to see the FTA come into force, now is the time to act, before it's too late. Let the ALP know that you oppose it; only with enough pressure from the public will they decide to block it.

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The Invisible Pink Unicorn. Because atheism, like all other religious orientations, needed a logo. And there are two other logos to choose from. Two of the three logos there look a bit like the Star Trek logo, which may or may not say something about the sorts of people who would wear an official atheist logo.

Meanwhile, evangelical Christianity has punk rock merchandise. (via MeFi.) How long until someone starts making "hardcore atheist skate-punk" T-shirts?

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