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The Onion in fine form: Countries Who Met Over Internet Go To War. And then there's Sullen Time-Travelling Teen Reports 23rd Century Sucks:

"They still had pizza, which was cool," Geremek said. "But kids were into splicing their DNA with beetles, so they get, like, these temporary mandibles shooting out of their foreheads. It sounds like it would be pretty cool, but it actually looked kinda gay."

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Could it be.. the end of popular music as we know it? Please, say it ain't so... (ta, Cos)


If you're happy and you know it... set up caller ID for your phone to announce you as "Osama Bin Laden". (via Unknown News)


Sexy Shauny poses for a good cause, with only a bicycle, a strategically positioned sheet and a winsome smile. Isn't she a stunner?