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There's a review on Slashdot of Neil Gaiman's upcoming book American Gods, which does sound rather Gaimanesque. And whilst we're on Slashdot, their next interview is not with a Linux developer, nor a sci-fi legend, but with visionary philanthropist Alex Chiu. That's right, Alex "Eternal Life Foot Braces" Chiu.

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Nkosi Johnson, 12, passed away recently, of AIDS-related complications. Johnson was born HIV-positive and served as a symbol of the AIDS tragedy in Africa, opening many eyes to the scale of the problem. Somehow I get the feeling that Nkosi would rather have been something else than a symbol of the AIDS tragedy; like, perhaps, a fireman or an astronaut...


A detailed piece on Nick Hornby, and particularly his new novel, How To Be Good. (I managed to pick up a copy of said novel today, and look forward to reading it.)