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And Meg makes her foray into spoken-word with this amusing little story. (RealAudio).


According to the Melbourne Times, Starbucks is coming to Melbourne. The aforementioned McDonalds of coffee is planning to open several outlets, initially in the CBD and Lygon St. (Melbourne's Italian café precinct), with an outlet in Brunswick St. planned. Given that the Starbucks modus operandi has been to saturate the market with outlets (sometimes opening several per block) until revenue starts dropping off and rivals go out of business, and thus claim a monopoly on the coffee experience (what is it about these Seattle firms?), that is worrying.


Some academic ratbag types in France have released an open-source DVD player, which apparently does CSS decryption. This is currently legal in France, though with the EU Directive on Copyright, it won't be for long. (via Slashdot)

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